​I believe that we missed Spring and went straight into Summer. Easter is in a few days and the kids are on a count down until the end of school. A lot of things have been going on here at AC Acres. Blue and Cookie were all set to go to the show in Monroeville, GA until we had to cancel due to my ongoing health issues. So Mike and I have been enjoying milking these two girls who are second time fresheners and are doing great on the stand. I've nicknamed them my half gallon girls since they are doing so well. The kids are growing like there's no tomorrow. We're weaning them off of Mom's milk and onto formula much to their dismay so they can be ready for their forever homes.

I will be selling a few adults and a few babies this month so I can make things a little more manageable for us. Can't keep them all, but I wish I could.

​Hope everyone has a wonderful time with their families this Easter weekend. Remember that the true meaning behind Easter isn't found in eggs or rabbits, but in the heavens above.

​God Bless

We are proud member of ADGA, AGS, & Georgia Dairy Goat Breeders Association.

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AC Acres is a small farm in the Panhandle of Florida that loves & raises Nigerian Dwarf goats. We are slowly growing and have big plans in the future for our farm, so keep checking back to see what's new.