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​Well what a busy year it has been. Just a total of 11 kids have been born so far and we've found homes for all but the 4 that we decided to retain. Didn't do a lot of breeding since I knew that I would be having surgery at the beginning of the year. I have updated the Scheduled Breeding page as well as the For Sale page.

​We have 2 first timers due next month. One looks like she's going to bust already and the other barely looks pregnant. I'm nervous as well as excited for these two kiddings.

​I have a repeat breeding with Wesson and Honey which produced beautiful kids that killed me to part with, but I can't keep them all.

​I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer

​God Bless

We are proud member of ADGA, AGS, & Georgia Dairy Goat Breeders Association.

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AC Acres is a small farm in the Panhandle of Florida that loves & raises Nigerian Dwarf goats. We are slowly growing and have big plans in the future for our farm, so keep checking back to see what's new.