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AC Acres is made up of myself, Shellie, my husband, Mike and my two girls, Brie Anna and Allie. We started raising goats a few years ago with Boar/Savannah goats. At that time, we also raised rabbits and chickens. Once the goats began to get over 75 pounds and as tall as the girls, their interest was gone.

One afternoon I was called to a farm that was close by who was raising Nigerian Dwarfs and had a doe in labor with multiple kids. Since I had experience in assisting with birth, I was there as back up. I fell in love with their size, personalities, and intelligence and couldn't wait to show my family. Once they came to the farm and spent time with the goats and their kids, they loved them too. We decided that we needed to change from meat goats to dairy goats. We sold our meat goats, quit raising rabbits and chickens and started concentrating on just my need for Nigerian goats.

I traveled to Selma, AL, to Olde South and brought home my first Nigerian Dwarfs, which included my beloved Annie Oakley, Pearle Heart, and CJ. Annie Oakley came to us exposed to Gypsy Moon Suduko and once she kidded quads, my kids were hooked.

My husband, Mike, and I traveled to Gypsy Moon in South Carolina to bring home more babies since I LOVE the look of Gypsy Moon. It was with this trip that my husband was hooked. We spent the 8 hours home discussing the future of our goats.

In addition to Gypsy Moon and OldeSouth, we have Rosasharn, Promisedland, J-Nels, Caesar's Villa, and Little Tot's in our blood line. We also have milk, milk, and more milk in our pedigree. We are members of American Dairy Goat Association, Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association, and American Goat Society. In the future we plan to be participating in several of the programs with ADGA such as DHIR, Linear Appraisal, & DNA. With such wonderful bloodlines, I'm so excited to see what the future holds for us.

Currently, Mike and I work full time while Brie and Allie are in school. We also have three Australian Shepherds, Sara, Matt, and Ty.


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