Arke AC Acres SW JuJu Bee

​DOB: 12/29/2015

Lil' Ziggie is JuJu's sister and is just the opposite of JuJu. Ziggie is very mellow and sweet. Like her sister she believes that a lap is her lap and will do what she can to get JuJu out so she can get in. Ziggie is absolutely beautiful with her color and with her Dam's milk production I'm very excited about her.

Blu wasn't in our plans at all when we went to OldeSouth early October. She was so sweet and those BLUE eyes. They'll stare right thru you. I'm so excited to have her and can't thank Terry with OldeSouth enough.

Blu follows Allie & I around just like our beloved Lil' Man. RIP. She is a total joy.

We're also so proud to have her Grand Champion lineage in our line up. I'm so excited to see how she'll do on the milk stand as a first freshener.

UPDATE:Blu is absolutely wonderful on the milk stand. She runs straight to the milk room, jumps on the milk stand, and turns around waiting for praise as you walk in. She loves giving kisses in return for her praise. She is a dream and we love her greatly.


Gypsy Moon WP On the Rocks (CH Gypsy Moon SB War-Paint x Gypsy Moon AB Cirok)


​OldeSouth VR Blu Ruby (OldeSouth Vin Rouge x SGCH OldeSouth Blue Amber2*M)

OldeSouth SD Vin Rouge (CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku x SGCH NC Promisedland Rain-Beau 2*M)


SGCH OldeSouth Blue Amber2*M (Rosasharn Mr. General B +*B x OldeSouth Blue Alexa1*M)

Arke AC Acres OTR Lizzie Lou

​DOB: 01/29/2016

2016- 12 hour fill of Blu's first freshener udder

Blu's first kid, our little doe Lizzie Lou. She has beautiful blue eyes like her mother & moonspots from her father, Rocky.

OldeSouth Smith & Wesson (CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku x OldeSouth Annie Oakley 1*M)


​OldeSouth ZV Bellona (NC Promiseland S Zyvox *B x OldeSouth Belladonna 2*M)

Arke AC Acres SW Lil' Ziggie

​DOB: 12/29/2015

Birth Record on AC Acres:

​2016: 1 Doe

​2017: 1 Doe 3 Bucks

​JuJu Bee is the first of our Wesson does to be born. She is just like her Grand Dam, Annie Oakley, very head strong, nosey, and in to everything. If you're sitting still then she believes that your lap is hers for the taking. I'm retaining her and curious to see what the future holds for my JuJu girl.

OldeSouth VR Blu Ruby

​DOB: 4/22/14

OldeSouth Smith & Wesson (CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku x OldeSouth Annie Oakley 1*M)


​OldeSouth ZV Bellona (NC Promiseland S Zyvox *B x OldeSouth Belladonna 2*M)

Late night feeding with Bean

Gypsy Moon WP On the Rocks (CH Gypsy Moon SB War Paint x Gypsy Moon AB Cirok)


OldeSouth Belle Star (CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku x OldeSouth Annie Oakley 1*M)

Bean's story is a special story as some of you may know. Bean & her siblings were born a couple of weeks too early. Her brother Chewie was first born from what I can tell, then Bean, & finally Bean's sister. When Bean was born, Belle wasn't showing any interest in getting her out of her sack or cleaning her up. Brie took over with help from Gee, Poppie, & me on cell phone. When I got home Bean was out of her sack & alive, but too small & weak to stand. After a kitten's bottle of colostrum Bean became a house goat for a few months. ​I had a lot of support with Bean from family, friends, & Facebook friends. She is rotten & truly believes that she is a dog & should be back inside. She is adapting to be a goat & some of the others are accepting of her. I truly love this goat & like Annie Oakley she will never leave our farm.

Arke AC Acres OTR Butterbean

​DOB: 3/19/15

Mel is sister to Sandman & was one of Allie's favorites from the minute she was born. Her coloring is the opposite of Sandman's with her blond & white coloring. She walks very smoothly, like she's gliding over ice.

​I have her planned for Summer 2017 kidding & with the milk in her pedigree I can't wait to see how she is for a first freshener.

OldeSouth Cognac Diamond *B, *S, *DS(Rosasharn Mr. General B +*B, *S, +DAR x SGCH Rosasharn GX UDiamond 3*M, 4*D, +DAR)


OldeSouth SD Painted Kiss (CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku x OldeSouth Galloway 2*M, *D, DAR)

OldeSouth CD Salted Caramel

​DOB: 2/19/15

Lizzie was the first blue eyed kid born on AC Acres. She was a single birth to Blu. Lizzie has a ton of milk in her pedigree and we believe that Lizzie won't disappoint. She is extremely friendly and loves to be talked to and handled. Her moonspots are outstanding and make her even more special. This year her Sire, Rocky seemed to throw a ton of moonspots to his kids.