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Arke AC Acres Sales Policy for Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We reserve the right to retain any kids born from our herd

We do not sell any of our goats for meat! Our goats are dairy goats and have the ability to produce wonderful milk for soap, cheese, cooking, or for your family.

Our goats are handled, loved on, and talked to on a daily basis. We are looking for people who would like goats for pets, milk production, and show quality. We pamper our goats from the moment that they arrive on our farm to the day that they leave our farm. We try to be present for all births to comfort the does and assist if needed. We handle and love on the kids daily to ensure friendliness and that they are happy and healthy.

We request that everyone do their research before purchasing any goats. Goats do not eat tin cans or just any plants; a lot of plants that are in backyards are poisonous to goats. Goats have a very particular diet that has to be followed in order to be happy, healthy, and productive. Since these goats are dairy goats, what they eat will carry over to their milk. We mix our feed to include 16% protein, a little bit of sweet feed, and black oil sunflower seeds. We provide perennial peanut hay heavily in the winter and as needed in the summer. Free choice minerals and baking soda all day with clean water.

Goats are pack animals and thrive in a herd environment, because of that we won't sell a single goat to a home without goats.  It's important for a goat not to be alone or it will get depressed, ill, and possibly die. I also recommend that if you are looking to start your own herd that you start with two does. I have found that these animals consider us humans to be part of their herd and they like to have time with us every day. If you're a first time goat person, start slow and enjoy the uniqueness of each goat. They have their own personality and that is important to recognize in order to pick up on when they don't feel good. They are very addicting and can become overwhelming if you aren't careful and don't have the proper support system in place.

We price our goats fairly and as you can tell from above, we try to place our goats with the right family. It is very hard for us to let our babies go to their future homes, so we try to make sure that it's the right fit for everyone so everyone is happy. Happy goat, healthy goat, happy family! If you see one of the kids that you're interested in or have questions about, feel free to ask. If I don't know, I'll find out and then we'll both know. We start our kids on Probios 24 hours after they are born when they are weighed and given a proper once over. They are disbudded 7-14 days old and given their first CDT as recommended. We monitor their growth and development to ensure everyone is getting their time to nurse since most of our does have multiples. Within a few weeks, we start supplementing with bottle feeding and start milking the mothers.

When our kids are ready to leave the farm I advertise them on our web site & Facebook. The kids are happy, healthy, and developing the way that we expect. We can not give a guarantee of their health when they leave our farm and their environment changes so a guarantee doesn't go with them. With that being said I would never sell a weak or sick animal; I would rather keep a weak or sick kid with me and work with it than to sell it to someone. If you see a kid that you're interested in, then let me know. I'll send you up to date pictures and give you any information about their back ground that I can.