We are proud member of ADGA, AGS, & Georgia Dairy Goat Breeders Association.

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AC Acres is a small farm in the Panhandle of Florida that loves & raises Nigerian Dwarf goats. We are slowly growing and have big plans in the future for our farm, so keep checking back to see what's new.


​Where has the year gone? I have one first freshener left to grace us with little ones this month. We still have 2 does that were born in July available for sale, but I haven't taken any really good pictures of them yet. Maybe subconsciously I want to keep them?

​I will be breeding this month for February/March 2018 kids. I have ideas as to who I'll be breeding, just want to check the lines and make sure the line breeding percentage is low.

​On a personal note, Mike and I have decided that we're going to start taking supplements that are similar to what we give to our goats. We're a distributor for it and are very excited to see what the long term effects will be as the short term ones are great!! If it's good enough for the goats, then it's good enough for us. I'll have a link to the web site for purchasing under our Useful Information tab. Any questions about the products, please feel free to contact me.

​God Bless