CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku (Rosasharn SS Sequoia +B X Rosasharn SS Unique)


OldeSouth Annie Oakley 1*M (Kaapio Acres V Olde Caesar x Little Tot's Estate Olde Elsie)

OldeSouth Belle Star

​DOB: 6/2/13

​**SOLD 8/27/2016**

OldeSouth SD Prima Dannae a.k.a. "CJ" Clammity Jane

​DOB: 3/9/13

**Sold 1/3/2017**

*B OldeSouth Cognac Diamond *S, *DS (+*B Rosasharn Mr General B +*S, +DARx SGCH Rosasharn GX UDiamond 3*M  4*D)


OldeSouth Sequoia Baby (Rosasharn SS Sequoia +B x Promiseland DBA Thunder Snow)

CJ was about 6 weeks old when we brought her home and the only time that she was not being a "nosy rosy" was when she was taking her bottle. She wants to be in the middle of everything & believed that she could be so helpful if we would just let her. 
She helped us build our barn, climbs in the trailer every time it enters the pasture, and tries to break in the milk room to see what's the mystery.
She is a very lovable doe with great marking and stature. CJ is on our schedule for breeding this Fall & she'll be a first freshener.

​This little boy came from an Alabama farm & has fitted in nicely to our herd. His black & white coloring with those gorgeous whitish blue eyes! Marvelous! He is in our breeding schedule for 2016.

Snow is another Wesson kid. He was chosen by one of the girls as her goat and she wanted him named Snow, just Snow. She his sister was named Katniss and we had our own Hunger Games. Katniss has gone to her forever home and his brothers, Loki and Neo are for sale to their forever home, but Snow will stay with us.

Mona Lisa was named after a Panic! at the Disco song. So we named her brothers after Renaissance painters. I call Mona Princess because she walks around with her own agenda. Her Dam Belle is a second freshener and has such an udder.

CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku (Rosasharn SS Sequoia +B X Rosasharn SS Unique)


OldeSouth Annie Oakley 1*M(Kaapio Acres V Olde Caesar x Little Tot's Estate Olde Elsie)

OldeSouth Smith & Wesson (CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku x OldeSouth Annie Oakley 1*M)


​OldeSouth Sassy Sue (OldeSouth Cognac Diamond *B x OldeSouth Sequoia Baby)

Pearle came to our farm when she was about 5 months old and we didn't know her name by paperwork. So we named her what we thought she looked like which was Pearle. Since we had an Annie Oakley, we thought, we needed a Pearle Heart, another famous western woman.
Pearle had her first kids on March 29, 2014 in the early morning after a terrible thunderstorm. She blessed our farm with 3 does and 1 little buckling.
Pearle's second kidding on March 19, 2015 was less eventful & produced 3 does and 1 buckling again.
Since Pearle has both OldeSouth and Rosasharn in her lines she's taking to the milk stand like a natural producing 2 lbs. 2.3oz. her first milking of 2015.

To the left, Girlie with her single buckling, Golden Magnus. He is 15 days old in this picture.

First Freshener Udder after 12 hours

OldeSouth Josie Marcus

​DOB: 6/2/13

**Sold 1/3/2017**

Third Freshening with a 12 hour fill

Belle with a 12 hour udder.

Patches **Sold**

Birth record on AC Acres:

​2014: 3 Does 1 Buck

​2015: 3 Does 1 Buck

​2016: 1 Doe 3 Bucks

My fuzzy CJ when we first brought her home. I loved the markings on her the first moment I saw her. As you can see, the grass is better on the other side of the fence.

Mini Peach Tree Ghost Ryder (Mini Peach Tree Frankie x Little Star Oreo)


​OldeSouth Belle Star (CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku x OldeSouth Annie Oakley 1*M)

Rosasharn Mr General B +*B (Rosasharn SP Mercury ++*B x SG Rosasharn's UMT Honey Bee 4*M)


Promisedland Payoff 3*M (NC Promisedland Paypal *B x NC Promisedland SS Peepshow 2*M)

First Freshener 12 hour Udder

Albus **Sold**

​CH OldeSouth Blue Blanc Sabr (OldeSouth Shell Foop x Little Tot​​'s Estate Silene 1*M)


OldeSouth ZV Bellona (Promiseland S Zyvox *B *S x OldeSouth Belladonna 2*M, 2*D, +2DLT)

Birth Record on AC Acres:

​2016: 2 bucks

OldeSouth Play Girl

​DOB: 3/9/12

**SOLD 4/3/2016**

Second Freshening after 12 hours

Birth Record on AC Acres:

​2015: 2 Does 1 Buck

​2016: 1 Doe 3 Bucks

This is Albus, he is the only one left of the Harry Potter triplets that was born on 1/31/17. He is a nice looking boy with a nice topline. He has been tattooed and disbudded and is ready to go to his forever home. He sleeps with the kids that were born a couple of weeks ago, but he's ready for a new home with a herd he can grow into.
​His Dame is our sweet Lona who is a great mother and excellent milker. His Sire is our very own Magnus who has lived up to his giant name.
​A lot of potential in this young buck.

Birth Record on AC Acres:

​2015: 1 Doe 2 Bucks

CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku (Rosasharn SS Sequoia +B X Rosasharn SS Unique)


Farm OldeSouth Sweet Donna (Rosasharn Mr. Genral B +*B x OldeSouth Belladonna 2*M)

This boy is special as he was born on Mike's birthday. We had lunch for his birthday & when he came home he found Lona had started labor. He cleaned up Moonshine & his sister then called me to let me know what he had done. I was so proud!

When Bellona came to our farm from OldeSouth, we knew that she had been exposed to Blue Blanc Sabr but not a confirmed breeding. She never really looked like she was pregnant, until just before she decided to bless us with 2 beautiful kids. We kept the buckling & the doe went to a great home.

​This boy is solid white with a strong top line. Moon is a great looking boy with a ton of potential. I'm hoping that he follows in his Sire's hoof steps with the ability to pass along milk and confirmation.

Josie was the last of Annie Oakley's quads to be born and what a birth it was! Annie was exhausted and so was I. Josie is a very elegant doe with a long neck and beautiful markings and moon spots. Josie was dam raised but handled daily. Very loving especially when you have feed or hay!

Our Josie was recently a first freshener and has proven not only to have great kids but to be a decent milker. Her first milking on a 12 hour udder was 2 lbs. 3.2 oz. She's still learning her manners on the stand but she did great her first time. We are looking at her being a Spring 2016 scheduled kidder and we can't wait to see what her udder looks like then!!

Mini Peach Tree Ghost Ryder

​DOB: 3/1/15

​**Sold as of 6/18/2016**

Girlie came to our farm at the beginning of October when we went to Selma to pick up someone else. I saw her and thought that she would be a great addition to our family with her stature and top line. The little white tuff on her head is a bonus. Mike had already had plans to bring her home as a surprise, so it's a great thing we were on a the same page. Girlie has bloodlines of Rosasharn and Promisedland.

Girlie kidded a single buckling in the Spring 2015, which we are retaining. He is absolutely gorgeous & can't wait to see his contributions to our herd.

Arke AC Acres SW Snow

​DOB: 3/3/2016

**SOLD 8/28/2016**

OldeSouth Sassy Sue a.k.a. Pearle Heart
​DOB: 11/08/12
**Sold 1/3/2017**

OldeSouth BBS Moonshine

​DOB: 02/18/15

​**SOLD 8/27/2016**

Belle Star is oldest daughter of Annie Oakley and Suduko. Belle was born on our farm and was dam raised. She stands very elegant and has a beautiful, symmetrical face. 
She is a quad but the only one that took after her mother, all her siblings took after Daddy,
CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku. I have enjoyed watching her grow and seeing her look more like her mother everyday.
Belle was a first freshener on March 18, 2015 with 1 buckling & 2 doelings, one being our special Bean. Belle raised her other two kids and was excellent on stand. We didn't take any udder pictures as a first freshener, but she provided well. We are scheduling her for a Spring 2016 delivery.


This is Patches at 2 days old. He was born on 3/27/17 to Blu and Sandman. He is one of the quads that Blu gave birth to unassisted. He is so sweet and it's a shame that he is up for sale but I've become a buck hoarder. Blu is one of my half gallon girls and is lovely on stand. Patches is being bottle fed and loves to be loved on. Patches is available to experienced bottle feeders or at the beginning of June when he is weaned and on grain.

Birthing Record on AC Acres:

​2015: 1 Buck

​2015: 1 Buck

Mini Peach Tree Frankie (Little Star Crystal Mikey x Doublegate C Cocoa Puff)


Little Star Oreo (Little Tot's Estate Lukuz Blue *B x KeLita Gedi Queen Elizabeth)

Kids Sired:

​2016- 2 Does 3-Bucks

Arke AC Acres GR Mona Lisa

​DOB: 4/16/2016

**Sold 1/3/2017**